NES CHR Editor [Icon]
What is it?
NES CHR Editor is a sprite editor for Nintendo Entertainment System games. With it, you can edit the graphics of your favorite NES titles!

NES developers can use it to edit graphics before assembilng them into ROMs.

Download it now! PowerPC or Intel
  • Complete editing of the NES CHR banks (sprite data)
  • Editing of the PRG banks when no CHR banks are present
  • Editing CHR bank dumps
  • Colored Editing (User Configurable)
  • More to come...
    Right here!
    System Requirements:
    Operating System:Mac OS X 10.3 or later
    ROMs:iNES Format (.nes)
    or CHR bank dumps
    Version History:
  • 1.3 (3/19/13)
    • Added support for editing CHR dumps
  • 1.2 (6/29/12)
    • Updated my compiler for Intel support
      Changed my e-mail and the webpage location
  • 1.1 (8/8/07)
    • GUI Bugfixes
      Code updates to prepare for multiple ROM editing
  • 1.0 Final (5/2/07)
    • Initial Release!
      4-Tile Editing
      Copy & Paste Functionality
  • 1.0 Beta (4/9/07)
    • First Beta